And I walk
Through confusion
With a smile on my face
(Ride, "Natural Grace")

How To Reach The Author

Since HSC V0.920, this has turned into a "maintainer" page. It's still mostly Agi's original text though, as much as it is still his code with just a few extra bits and pieces by me. --Matthias Bethke

The main reason why this topic is one of the first, if you are reading this documentation sequentially, is not because I want to receive as much email as possible. Actually this chapter is designed to keep my email traffic as low as possible.

Before You Contact Me

I know I can't expect you to read the whole manual, but make sure you have at least read the sections about Questions And Answers, Related Stuff (and tools), Future improvements and Known Bugs, Problems And Limitations before you contact me.

There are also chapters about compiling and installing, and you should at least give a glimpse at them. For non-Amiga users, there is a chapter about all those existing ports to other systems describing differences.

Maybe there is already a bugfix available at the hsc-support-w3-page, so check this, too.

About Bug Reports

If you think you've found a bug that is not already mentioned or discussed in the chapter about ``Known Bugs, Problems And Limitations'', you should include some information in your bug-report:

Exceptions of these are internal error messages, as they usually leave you without a clue. Try to include the information described above as long as it does not require any effort, read: program version and name of system.

You don't have to provide information about the exact hardware or version of the operating system or compiler used, as hsc is supposed to be rather system independent, but I might asked you for that in a reply, so keep this at hand.

The more specific and smaller your bug-report is, the more likely I might fix it; although I can't promise that I will fix all bugs reported to me in reasonable time.

If your bug-report fails to include the above informations, I might completely ignore it.

...And Finally

You can reach me via email using The mailing address on my homepage at should usually work, too. But who uses snailmail these days?

If you include binary data, MIME- or, if you think you have to be traditional or something, uuencode-attachments are accepted. Preferred archives are .tar.bz2 and .lha.

You can use English, German or Portuguese for communication.

You can still reach Thomas Aglassinger, the original author, at or Don't get on his nerves though, he seems a busy guy ;-)