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Repression says depravity is cute
I'll feed you lines to make you smile
You're so easy to dehumanise
(Manic Street Preachers, "So Dead")

Changes And News

The CHANGES file lists the differences and incompatibilities compared to the previous versions.

This file describes improvements and fixes compared to earlier
versions of hsc. The current version is mentioned first, for
older versions, look below.

Version 1.0 11-Sep-2005
 (minor improvements)

- Added the $MATCH tag for patternmatching beyond boolean testing: $MATCH can
  capture the complete match plus up to nine subpatterns (\1 - \9 in vi, $1 - $9
  in Perl) to variables and thus allows for simple parsing of variable contents.

- The last version came with an incomplete menu file for the docs. The new one
  should be complete.

Version 0.999, 17-Sep-2005
 (major improvements, bugfixes)

- Added MATCH and MATCHI operators for case-sensitive and -insensitive regular
  expression matching. See the docs on expressions for details.
- Changed container nesting checks: before, a single forgotten closing tag
  would yield a whole series of errors, like for
  <html>[...]<body><div><p></div></body></html> in XHTML mode:
  Warning 14: illegal end tag nesting (expected end tag </P>, found end tag </DIV>)
  Warning 14: illegal end tag nesting (expected end tag </P>, found end tag </BODY>)
  Warning 14: illegal end tag nesting (expected end tag </P>, found end tag </HTML>)
  Now, if there is only a single intervening tag, it will be silently removed,
  so only a single error is reported.
- filedate() gave a wrong date on AmigaOS. Fixed.
- I/O errors upon writing to stdout (due to a supposed glibc weirdness this
  happened when redirecting to /dev/null) caused a NULL-pointer read. Fixed.
- Changed message classes to single words (Note, Style, Portability, Warning,
  Error and Fatal) to simplify parsing.
- Added checking of CSS clipping rectangles, hopefully completing the parser.
- Replaced linear lists for defined tags and CSS styles with splay trees from
  the UBIQX library. There is not as much speed gain as I had expected, but it's
- Started a more unixish commandline parser using getopt, but I'm too lazy to
  finish it now.
- Revision bump to V0.999 or 1.0 beta :)

- Fixed possible crash when a corrupted project file contained an empty SOURCE

- Complete overhaul of documentation layout, taking advantage of new macros

Version 0.935a, 03-Jun-2004 (The Redmond Release)

This is just a minor release that restores compatibility with Windoze; users of
other systems won't find any difference other than a later release date. Now
that I got access to Microsoft's C++ compiler I found that it wouldn't compile
some of my earlier changes due to its broken includes. V0.935a works around them
and also includes "Makefile-VC++" that should work without changes if you rename
it to "Makefile" and call nmake. It doesn't compile the docs nor supports the
"install" or "clean" targets though.

Version 0.935, 20-May-2004
 (fixes, new features)

- Expanding a simple (non-container) macro in a <$content> context would make
  the parent container's unset attributes disappear, possibly leading to error
  messages. Fixed.
- Fixed include-path bug that would omit the current directory in a source file
  living in a subdirectory.
- Added a parser for STYLE values so a lot more checks can be performed on them.
  See the manual's CSS section for details.
- On Unixoids, looks for system-wide prefs in /usr/local/lib/hsc and
  /usr/lib/hsc now. If you want to keep your files in /usr/local/lib or
  /usr/lib, you can put the directory in $HSCPATH.
- Include paths can be taken from $HSCINCLUDE as well now.
- Compiling with debugging enabled caused a small memory leak to be reported
  where actually there was none.
- Corrected some harmless warnings upon reading a project file with memory
  tracking enabled.

- Updated for the new CSS-checking capabilities.
- Added CSS 2.0 user-specified color names

Version 0.934, 05-Feb-2004
 (fixes, new port)

- Crosscompiles for AROS now (only tested in hosted mode on Linux/x86 so far),
  see the Makefile for the set of options

- The JPEG parser that gets the size information from a picture would crash if
  this information wasn't found within the first 2KB. The fixed version is an
  order of magnitude or so slower but should handle all JFIF-conforming pictures
  correctly now, including EXIF.
- Error message #8 showed garbage at the end and no filename. Fixed.
- The MOD operator was required to be uppercase. Fixed.

- Fixed /MBI spec for the <tr> tag in XHTML mode

- Documented error messages #5 and #8
- HTML docs are now created world-readable. This is mainly to support my
  laziness, but should be fine for installation in system-wide doc directories
  as well.

Version 0.933, 10-Jan-2004

- Added error message #95 to signal network problems when checking external
  URIs instead of the previous quick-n-dirty perror()
- A failed connect() was not considered an error, which of course it should
- Added "Host:" line to HTTP request to make querying virtual servers work
  without a proxy
- On systems other than Unices or AmigaOS, the TCP module compiles now but
  yields error #95 when trying to use it.
- Plugged a small memory leak in get_http_hdr()
- Cleaned up some embarassing socket mess

Version 0.932, 24-Dec-2003 (The Merry Xmas Release)
 (fixes, new features)

- Fixed warning when XHTML mode but not QUOTEMODE=double was specified. This
  quotemode is now the default.
- Added HTTP support for online checking of external links.
- Compiles with a standard UNIX target on MacOS "Panther" now

Version 0.931, 10-Jul-2003
 (fixes, new features)

- Replaced the partial (and partially wrong) compiled-in entity list with the
  official and complete one from the W3C website.
- Activated the ENTITYSTYLE option that had been hidden in there since Agi's
  times. HSC can now write entities either as found in the source,
  symbolically (like "&uuml;"), numerically ("&#252;"), or as UTF-8 ("ü"). The
  latter is now the default for XHTML documents!
- Added a PREFNUM attribute to <$defent>, meaning that the numeric
  representation should be used if ENTITYSTYLE=replace
- Entities with a RPLC character may have arbitrary numeric representations, as
  long as these are above 160 (positions 128-159 are unused in Latin1 and
  This allows e.g. to replace the CP-1252 Euro symbol (#128, if your HSC source
  should be in this charset, which is not recommended) with a proper Unicode
  Euro (#8364). See the file "defent-cp1252.prefs" for a mapping from
  Unicode-illegal CP-1252 characters to Unicode.
- Removed the undocumented (and fairly dangerous [well, you shouldn't have tried
  this at home in the first place!] BTW) option JENS/S.

- Reverted to compilation of individual object files from each source. The
  significantly smaller executable size should give a bigger speed gain on
  today's cached memory architectures than a little aid to the global
  optimizer, which made sense on the virtually cache-less Amiga.

- Updated the Requirements page, documented new features, corrected minor bits.

Version 0.930, 28-Apr-2003

- No idea what broke the tag-nesting checks, but V0.929 silently accepted stuff
  like "<b><i>blah</b></i>" :-( Fixed!
- The /AUTOCLOSE stuff was pretty much broken, probably since last century. HSC
  considered constructions like "<dl><dt>blah<dd>foo</dl></dd>" acceptable, and
  I'm quite sure has done so ever since. This was completely reworked and
  should neither let illegal constructions pass now nor moan about correct
- STRIPCOMMENTS is more selective now and only strips real SGML comments
  starting in "<!--", not everything with "<!" like DOCTYPE declarations.
- In container macros, the current context was not correctly restored after a
  <$content> tag, causing global variables to be considered local and changes
  to them discarded at the end of the macro. Fixing this also sped up macro
  expansion a little.
- Internalized all entity definitions that had been in the prefs file so far.

- removed obsolete entity definitions.

Version 0.929, 03-Apr-2003
 (fixes, new features)

- Added a (still somewhat incomplete) VIM syntax highlighting file to the
  grafflwerk directory.

- Added some CSS support: STYLE attributes are now treated specially in that
  their values are parsed, multiple attributes in one tag merged into one and
  warnings issued for properties that appeared more than once.
- Added <$defstyle> tag to define CSS styles and check STYLE attributes against
- Added NOVALIDATECSS=NVCS/S commandline option to disable CSS checking
- Added GETFILEDATE operator to get the modification date of a file.
- The /MUST_BE_INSIDE=MBI tag modifier is much stricter in XHTML mode now, it
  now means "*directly* inside". This pertains to actual HTML tags only though,
  not macros or HSC tags such as <$if>.
- <$defent> gives more meaningful warnings now if something is wrong.
- Fixed an almost certain crash when using the JENS cmdline argument (but you
  shouldn't have tried this at home in the first place!)
- Fixed minor hiccoughs of the /OBSOLETE attribute modifier.

- Added CSS definitions that should cover pretty much everything up to CSS 2.0
- Fixed a tag nesting problem caused by the new /MBI semantics

- Added message numbers 88-91
- Added page on CSS
- Updated the GETSIZE docs and some other minor things

Version 0.928, 19-Nov-2002
 (fixes, new features)

- Changed default installation prefix to /usr/local [Felix Wiemann]
- Updated the SAS/C smakefile

- Fixed a somewhat too general URI expansion bugfix in the last version that
  broke commandline reading -- ``hsc'' with no parameters would not print the
  option summary.
- Plugged a small memory leak resulting from yet unused per-tag CSS management
  functions introduced in an earlier version.
- Improved URI handling again: relative URIs get optimized now, and links to
  (local) directories always get a trailing slash to avoid server
  redirects, thus improving page loading times. 
- Include files are now first searched for in the including file's directory,
  before trying the current directory at HSC invocation or any directory
  specified via INCLUDEDIR.
- In XHTML mode, the tag modifier /AUTOCLOSE is now synonymous to /CLOSE, as
  XHTML doesn't have autoclosing tags any more.
- HSC can handle Unicode entities now. They don't have an equivalent character
  in the ISO-Latin-1 charset and consequently cannot have a (non-empty) RPLC
  attribute, but they may be declared, so you don't have to switch off warning
  #18 to use stuff like typographic quotes etc.
- Fixed a possible crash when RPLC was missing in a <$defent>

- Generally improved tag-nesting checks, prohibiting block-level elements
  inside inline elements.
- Obsolete/nonstandard tags are finally gone completely in XHTML mode
- Added a short list of Unicode entities from the DocBook DTD. Now that there
  is a good chance of making all official entities known to HSC, they should
  probably be compiled into the program to reduce startup time -- they are
  not likely to change any time soon anyway...

- Documented symbolic references.
- Some minor rephrasing and reformatting of the expressions page and others.
- Cut ancient history (before V0.917) from CHANGES

- Added the CvtEntities script to the grafflwerk directory

Version 0.927, 06-Nov-2002
 (fixes, new features, restructuring)

- Changed the directory layout. Looks a little cluttered now, but compiles
  like other *IX programs with
  (untarbz $foo.tar.bz2; cd $foo; make; make install) now.
- Added the full text of the GPL that should hve been there since Agi GPLed the
  whole thing.
- Removed the NEWS file -- you should (and do :)) read CHANGES anyway.
- Added a spec file for RPM archive creation.
- Fixed a bug that caused `minmal' absolute URIs (":") not to be replaced.
- Fixed expansion of links that referenced their document's directory
  indirectly. These expand to "./" now, instead of "", which means the
  current document.
- Fixed symbolic reference evaluation where a function returned a pointer to
  unallocated memory.
- Fixed handling of the (set {some-symref}) expression that didn't work.
- Added MacOS X port.
- Added unixish syntax (``-'') for reading from STDIN.

- replaced some string definitions for /LAZY with $varlist.
- stricter rules for HTML/HEAD/BODY in XHTML mode: all /REQUIRED instead of

- Some updates to the ports and use-cases sections, some general typo fixing.
- Formatted documentation is no longer included with the sources but will be
  recreated when compiling HSC.
- Removed the Distribution page.
- Converted all graphics to PNG format, as I should have done a long time ago.
- Added a few things to the Makefile.
- Added macros.readme with a short overview of the macros available in
  macros.hsc and their purpose.

Version 0.926, 17-Aug-2002
 (new features)

- Added support for symbolic references: expressions enclosed in curly braces
  will evaluate to the value of the variable whose name is the result of the
  expression. I.e.
    <$define foobar:string="foobar-contents">
    <( {"foo" + "bar"} )>
  will yield "foobar-contents".
- Added CHR() and ORD() functions

- stricter yet in XHTML mode (old /JERK tags are gone)
- some fixes

Version 0.925, 13-May-2002
 (new features)

- shows errors for missing required tags in NORMAL mode now, only RELAXED
  disables them.
- added /RCMD=RECOMMENDED attribute modifier. Useful for accessibility tags
  like ACCESSKEY, TITLE etc., this yields "bad style" warning #90. HSC.Prefs is
  still awaiting a full update according to the W3C guidelines.
- user defines from the commandline are now processed before the prefsfile is
  read. This allows individual prefs to be used depending on commandline
  switches that needn't be built in but can be user-supplied in form of a

- minor fixes
- collected some commonly used attribute declarations in $VARLISTs after
  grokking the corresponding code in HSC. This practical feature had been
  completely undocumented so far.
- made some attributes "recomended"; if HSC_ACCESSIBILITY_MOANING is defined,
  several others will get this modifier too.

- added a description of the $varlist tag.
- some other small updates on features/prefs.html

Version 0.924, 24-Mar-2002
 (fixes, new features)

- GETSIZE now yields CSS STYLE attributes instead of WIDTH/HEIGHT in
  XHTML mode. If STYLE exists already, "width:"/"height:" specs are merged in,
  but without checking if they were already given!
- whitespace between attribute and value is always removed now
- LOWERCASETAGS didn't work for automatically generated WIDTH/HEIGHT attributes.
- new global constant HSC.OPTS.XHTML, defined when XHTML option is set

Version 0.923, 22-Mar-2002
 (fixes, some cleanup)

- LOWERCASETAGS/XHTML now also applies to ENUM attribute strings
- XHTML now implies QUOTESTYLE=double
- removed some unused debug code

- now compiles with Visual C++ 6.0 on Windows NT/2000/XP (thanks Olaf!)

- documented the special attribute Hsc.DestPath, which has been there for quite
  a while

Version 0.922, 26-Nov-2001
 (fixes, new features)

- added experimental XHTML mode
- removed minor bogons and dead code

Version 0.921, 18-Nov-2001
 (fixes, new features, some cleanup)

- Removed superfluous anti-MSDOS code (thanks to Olaf Peters for the patch!)
- Made some type conversions explicit (also O.Peters)
- Simplified project file format for easier editing. HSC can still read
  version 2 project files but always writes V3. The V3 format doesn't have
  the hexadecimal length of the rest of the line after a tag any more, so you
  can do search-and-replace editing of project files, e.g. to change your
  directory structure without rePITTing everything.

- Added NONESTERR switch to suppress "location of last call" messages
- Checking of attribute values against allowed list in ENUM attributes was
  broken. Fixed.
- Fixed basename and extension operator for inputs without extension
- Added /OBSOLETE attribute modifier, generating WARNING #87
- Added /LAZY switches (HTML4.01 coreattrs/i18n):
    'v'=events -> bulk declaration of all HTML4 %events, currently:
        onclick, ondblclick,
        onmousedown, onmouseup, onmouseover, onmousemove, onmouseout, 
        onkeypress, onkeydown, onkeyup
- Removed /LAZY switch 'w'=NOWRAP:bool, because this attribute is pretty much
  obsolete for most HTML4 tags. It should be specified explicitely as
  NOWRAP:bool[/O] in the prefs file.
hscpitt & hscdepp:
- Bumped revision due to changes in the project file format. Oh, and they show
  the current date now :-)

- Documented the basename, extension and urikind operators
- Documented new attribute modifiers and LAZY switches
- Corrected SIZE modifier to the GETSIZE it always was

- Started a major overhaul to update tags and attributes to HTML 4.01

- Add workaround for empty XHTML tags of the form <HUGO />
- Add option to force tags to lowercase

Version 0.920, 23-Sep-2001
 (minor changes)

- changed the string comparison operators to resemble PERL: LT/GT/LE/GE
- added a few macros to simplify version management w/o the RevUp utility

- documented the above operators
- updated author page and other minor things


Version 0.919, 22-Sep-2001 (The Wakey-Wakey Release)
 (fixes, new features)

- Added unary operators BASENAME, EXTENSION and URIKIND
- Fixed string comparison oprators <, <=, >, >=
- Changed semantics of above operators to mean integer comparison
- Changed string comparison operators to LT, LTE, GT and GTE
- "INSIDE"-operator doesn't have to be uppercase any more
- Added special attributes HSC.Version, HSC.Revision and HSC.DestPath
- Some minor code simplifications and bugfixes
- Bugfix: absolute URIs were not expanded upon conditional
  assignments of the form <TAG ATTR?=VAR>.

- moved now sufficiently tested features from undocumented.html to
  other sections


Version 0.918, 08-May-2001


Version 0.917, 21-Sep-1998 (The Good Night Release)
 (fixes, code cleanup, message browser support)

 - Fixed bug: checking IDs for project relative URIs did not work if
   the source file was in a nested directory. In more detail:
   references like ":sepp.html#hugo" did not find ":sepp.html" in the
   project data structures if it was expanded to something like
   "resi//sepp.html" when resolving the actual filename. Now the
   filename is "optimized", so the above example would give
   "sepp.html" with the useless "resi//" removed. [Ross Nicoll]
 - Fixed bug: output of message#46 ("replaced entity") used negative
   numbers due a problem with signed/unsigned characters [Marc Aurel]
 - Fixed bug: removed a useless "typedef short BOOL" in one of the
   source files as the "real" typedef is somewhere else and "short"
   is an improper value for RiscOS [Sergio Monesi]
 - Fixed "unintentional" feature for automatic URI expansion when
   comparing two URIs or an URI with a string [Sergio Monesi]
 - Fixed enforcer hit if entity after "&" was missing and the file or
   macro ended afterwards
 - Added code to support <$exec> under RiscOS [Sergio Monesi]
 - Added Throwback support for RiscOS, use CLI option
   MSGBROWSER=THROWBACK to activate [Sergio Monesi]
 - Added ScMsg support for AmigaOS, use CLI option MSGBROWSER=SCMSG
   to activate
 - Added VBrowse support for AmigaOS, use CLI option
   MSGBROWSER=vbrowse to activate
 - Added message#86 ("error removing file")
 - Added format specification "%%" for CLI option MSGFORMAT
 - Removed CLI option MSGANSI, use MSGBROWSER=ANSI instead
 - Removed CLI option SMARTENT

 hScMsg.rexx (v1.1):
 - Added not to show message class "Note" as "Warning" rather than
   as (surprise) "Note" - ScMsg also supports this
 - Added not to acticate ScMsg's window if no messages showed up
 - Changed call to 'DelFile' to 'DelComp' so also messages related
   to include files are removed
 - Changed copyright to public domain.

 hscpaltrow.rexx (v1.1):
 - Changed copyright to public domain.

 SendScMsg.rexx (v1.1):
 - Changed copyright to public domain.

 - Removed. Use OpenURL from Aminet instead.

 - There is now a port for AmigaOS/PPC (ports.html)
 - The port for RiscOS has a new support page (ports.html)
 - Clarified options MAXMSG and MAXERR (messages.html)
 - Clarified how to use quotes inside string constants (assign.html)

 - DD and DT are now /AutoClose

 - compiled with SAS/c 6.58