Command Line Examples

hsc FROM hugo.html >NIL:
Simply performs a syntax check on hugo.html and passes the output to the null-device.

hsc hugo.html TO t: STATUS=QUIET RPLCENT
Same as above, but does not display status messages during conversion. A dummy-output is created in the temporary directory Additionally, all special characters like ``Ü'' or ``ß'' are replaced by its entities (``Ü'' and ``ß'').

hsc FROM people/hugo.hsc TO /pub_html/

Process subfile people/hugo.hsc. The current directory is the main directory of the project. The HTML object is created in /pub_html/people/hugo.html.

Note: Also mind that the hsc-source ends with ``.hsc'', but the HTML object automatically gets the extension ``.html''. Therefor, all references must end with ``.html''.

Project Examples

There also is an example drawer, which contains some small example projects. Every project includes a file called README, which will explain further details.

All example projects are supposed to be performed from the command line.