Go west
Paradise is there
You'll have all that you can eat
Of milk & honey over there
(Natalie Merchant, "San Andreas Fault")

Replace Entities

Once upon a time, some guys invented ASCII. As these guys were Americans, they did not care (or probably not even know) about the rest of the world and said: ``128 different characters are enough.'' So nowadays you still can't copy a simple German umlaut from one computer system to another and be sure it will come out the same.

But, thank god, the guys who perpetrated HTML, after about 30 years of a computer world without working umlauts, provided a solution to this tricky problem: Instead of typing ``Ü'', simply write Ü. Congratulations, what a great idea! 7 bit rulez!

So as consequence of this prehistoric crap, hsc can replace special characters in the hsc-source with their entities in the html-object. You just need to enable the RPLCENT switch.

Since XHTML has brought with it a more reasonable default character set, namely UTF-8, you need not stick to the old 7-bit entity notation if you want to use non-ASCII characters. Using the ENTITYSTYLE option you can have these characters rendered in a variety of ways, see there for details.

Note:For 8-bit characters, entity replacements only works for special characters that have been defined with <$defent> in hsc.prefs. This is so you can adapt your prefs to the 8-bit input charset you actually use—some Unicode characters outside the first code block have entity representation as well; these are hardcoded in hsc as they are guaranteed not to change anyway.