I've got my air-jack hammer
I've got my saber saw
I've got all I need
Cuz I got my tools
(Flour, "Tools")

Related Stuff

As hsc is only one part of a puzzle, this chapter should give you some hints where you can find other parts. However this does not claim to point out all additional tools that can be useful inc combination with hsc. But at least it should list all utilities mentioned somewhere in this manual.

Some stuff that should be useful for project management: As hsc's syntax check is quite small and clumsy, maybe you should also have a look at one of the following sources:

To show a document in your browser from the Makefile once hsc has written it, you can use aminet:comm/www/OpenURL.lha.

To use Unixoid filenames within AmigaOS, there are numerous tools available. For example, you can use And some resources that have been quite useful during the development of hsc, but are probably also worth a reading if you are serious about w3-authoring: