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(Chris Knox, "Liberal Backlash Angst (The Excuse)")

Updates And Support


New releases of hsc will be uploaded to Aminet, look for

Note: as my Amiga's HD died, there will only be sourcecode releases on the support page for quite a while. If anybody wants to compile them for AmigaOS and upload them to Aminet, feel free do do so!

Support w3-Pages

The support page for hsc is:
[Germany] http://www.linguistik.uni-erlangen.de/~msbethke/hsc/

The old pre-V0.918 support page is still available at:
[Austria] http://www.giga.or.at/~agi/hsc/


So what if you have a problem not covered in this manual, as it would be out of it scope? This includes things like writing Makefiles, fiddling with commandline arguments, modifying the included example scripts to fit your personal needs and so on?

Well, there are both online and written manuals on all of these topics. Search the usual sources (read: w3, Aminet, book stores etc.).

And by no means send those questions to me. That's the curse of freeware.


In some rare cases, you may try to contact the author.