Retro Linux

Updated in July of 2022

Your own reflection

Depending on other people's software almost implies "compromise" of one's ideals in some way. And like everyone else, we have our own way of doing things in this distribution. We hope it is of your liking.

To be included in official repositories

We only list the most relevant types of software, either by how essential they are or how controversial are the choices within.

To never be included in the base system

But potentially in segregated official repositories.

All imply the introduction of their associated dependencies and dependents, of course.



Too many distributions nowadays take the position of only caring after the features of their package manager or community, or whatever else. But little care goes into a selection of packages, simply complying with whatever is the current norm for the greatest part. Needless to say we want to take a position where others would never consider one or completely disregard it to begin with.

Yet our main objective is still to make a very useful distribution. We are not making a mere toy, but rather a demonstration that you can still give applications to a computer expected of the Current Year with little to no compromises in staying in not just the "Lightweight" but the "Retro" zone.


If you have any suggestions or inquiries, send them in our XMPP chatroom.

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